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New Divi Section Layout: The Bottom Navigation Bar 4

by | Oct 29, 2019 | 0 comments

The Bottom Navigation Bar 4 is the fourth layout of the bottom navbar section layouts series. It is a Divi section layout which adds a fixed menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

This section layout can be used to provide the website visitors with a quick access to a simple menu, the contact form, search form and login form.

It can be activated for different devices(desktop, tablet and phone) as any other section using the built in section visibility options.



The Bottom Navigation Bar 4 has four items:

  1. Menu
  2. Contact
  3. Search
  4. Log In

Each item has a label and clicking the items reveals the menu, contact form, search form and login form respectively. All the forms are fullwidth on phone. The menu items are created using the Blurb module, and the other three items use the Contact, Search and Login modules.

Icons used for the items are taken from the, you can use this online service to change the icons if you need (icon dimensions should be 16×16).

The bottom navigation bar-4 has a toggle as well allowing the website visitors to show/hide the bar if they need so.


This section layout works with any of the latest versions of Divi but using the v4.x is recommended because it introduces the Divi Theme Builder which allows adding the Bottom Navigation Bar section layout to your website conditionally (globally or to specific pages, categories, etc.).


To install the Bottom Navigation Bar 4 section layout first import the downloaded  JSON file into the Divi Library.

Then open the layout which you would like to add this section to, ideally it would be a footer layout.

And it from Divi Library as section, preferrably as the very last section at the bottom of your layout and save.

After that you can customize and edit the contents of the navbar section either in Visual or Wireframe mode of the Divi Builder.


The Bottom Navigation Bar 4 is part of the Membership offer and is available to annual and lifetime members. Purchasing this section layout individually is not available.


For more detailed information about the usage, customization and troubleshooting please read the documentation.

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