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Product Description

Divi Bottom Navigation Bar 4 is a section layout designed to display the content as a fixed navigation bar (or toolbar) at the bottom of the screen providing the visitor with a quick access to some of the most used functionalities of the website.

This navigation bar layout has four items each of them labeled accordingly:

  • Menu
  • Contact
  • Search
  • Log In

Clicking each of the items reveals the menu, contact form, search form and the login form respectively. The menu items are created using the Blurb module and the rest of the items use the Contact, Search and Login modules respectively.

The navigation bar is always visible while the page is being scrolled and it has a toggle which allows the site visitor to show/hide the bar if needed.



Installation and Usage

Please read the product documentation.



This product can be used on unlimited number of sites and is available to annual and lifetime members.


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