Introducing the ScrollTop Plugin Enhancing Back To Top Button of Divi

by | Jul 11, 2017 | 3 comments

If you have very long pages on your site then it might be a good idea to enable the back to top button so that it was more convenient for your readers to scroll those long pages back to top with a single click. Divi has this awesome magic button and today I am excited to announce that I have released a plugin that will make this button even more awesome – the ScrollTop plugin. This little plugin extends the functionality of Back To Top button of Divi by adding 30+ new options to the Divi Theme Customizer which let you customize Back To Top button with live preview allowing you to design and style it without applying any custom code.

This plugin provides the following features for Back To Top button:

– Enable/Disable Back To Top button on different devices (Desktop/Tablet/Mobile);

– Add any text to the Back To Top button(e.g. “Go to top”);

– Select a different icon;

– Use 1 or 2 icons with text or use text only;

– Change Back To Top button position(adjust the bottom and right offsets);

– Change icon position (place it on the left or right hand side of button text);

– Apply new animations: select among 14×2 animations (in & out) and adjust animation duration;

– Lots of options to style the look and feel of the Back To Top button (colors, margins, paddings, borders, border radius, etc.);

– Apply hover styles to button, icon and text;

The ScrollTop plugin options can be accessed by going to Divi -> Theme Customizer -> Divi ScrollTop. Watch the short video presentations and see a few examples of back to top button styles achieved using the ScrollTop plugin below.

I developed this plugin to add some flexibility to the back to top button of Divi and hope you’ll find this plugin useful. It works perfectly with the DotNav plugin which extends the functionality of Divi Dot Navigation – another handy tool for long pages or single page sites provided by Divi.

The ScrollTop plugin is available for purchase in our online store, for more details please click here.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below and subscribe to stay in touch!

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