New Product Release – DotNav Plugin Enhancing the Dot Navigation of Divi Theme

by | Jun 27, 2017 | 10 comments

Since I’ve published this post people keep asking me about how to add different functionality to the dot navigation of Divi. I am trying to help them as much as I can but not all the people understand CSS and JS and many times I find myself trying to explain the very basics of coding. This is absolutely normal, not everyone likes has enough time to dive into coding. So, to help this kind of people I decided to develope a simple plugin that would allow to customize the dot navigation without coding knowledge. This idea turned into a nice plugin – the DotNav plugin for Divi – and today I am glad to announce that it has been released.

The DotNav plugin adds lots of new options to Divi Theme Customizer which can be accessed by going to Divi -> Theme Customizer -> Divi DotNav . This plugin provides the following most requested features for Divi Dot Navigation:

– Enable/disable Dot Navigation on different devices. You can do this by simply checking the checkbox of specific device like you do it for Divi Page Builder modules (Desktop/Tablet/Phone).

– Exclude specific sections from the Dot Navigation. Some page layouts have lots of sections and it may not be neccessary to show dots for each of them in the Dot Navigation.

– Add dot labels. The DotNav plugin uses page section CSS ids for dot labels/tooltips. There are different label format choices available.

– Lots of styling options. The plugin has options to control colors, borders, paddings, margins, widths, ect. You can achieve really unique dot navigation designs using the DotNav plugin features. Watch the short preview video below about what designs can be achieved for Divi Dot Navigation.

Hope you’ll find this plugin useful, it is available for purchase under three different licensing options in our online store, for more details click here.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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