Divi MadMenu v1.6: Introducing Header Popups

by | Jul 2, 2021 | 0 comments

After months of development and testing, today I’m proud to announce the release of the biggest Divi MadMenu update yet: the Header Popups feature release.

This feature allows to create header popups right in the Divi Theme Builder, in the same header template as the header itself, thus keeping everything in one place.

Here is a quick tutorial showing how you can create a basic header popup, but you can do a lot more than that:

Why Use Header Popups?

The Header Popups functionality allows you to add any content to the header which otherwise wouldn’t be possible to do due to the limited space availability on the screen, especially on mobile devices.

Just add a CTA button to header to allow site visitors open the popup on click.

How To Add A Header Popup

You can create header popups using the available Divi Builder elements: sections, rows, columns and modules (though using sections is recommended) and edit the contents and desing the popup the same way as you do other Divi Builder designs.

And adding a popup is simple: just add a unique ID to the popup element and then assign the same ID to the popup toggle button(the Divi MadMenu Button element), as it’s shown in the video above.

Create More Than Just A Popup

This feature is not about just the classic popups appearing in the center of the screen on button click.

The new functionality provides a lot more possibilities for header content organisation and presentation.

You may need to show some of the header content in a container that slides in on click (aka create a Slide In menu).

Similarly, you may want to display the header content in a fullscreen popup (eg. create a Fullscreen menu).

Or you may want to show the Contact form as a fly-in element rather than having to send the site visitor to a different page on CTA button click.

Check out some of the use cases of the Header Popups feature in this demo video that I’ve already shared in the sneak peek post before:

The Header Popups feature is initially available for Divi MadMenu Button elements only, but this already makes the module a much more powerful tool for header creation.

If you need to create more content-rich headers then you should definitely consider using this new feature.

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