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Create Headers Using the Divi Theme Builder

Divi MadMenu is the most advanced menu module for Divi allowing to create headers using the Divi Theme Builder*. It is a powerful tool coming with lots of features providing a great flexibilty for header design.



WooCommerce Cart Contents

Show the cart contents (items count and/or total amount) in the header. Highly customizable including the AJAX live update option.


19 Menu Animations

Apply different animations to the mobile menu and the desktop menu submenus.


7 different elements available

Enable only the header elements you need.


Fully customizable elements

Each element has a full set of responsive design options (spacing, sizing, colors, borders, box shadow).


Desktop Menu Breakpoint

Control the desktop menu visibility by setting a custom breakpoint.


Mobile Menu Breakpoint

Control the mobile menu visibility by setting a custom breakpoint. Works independently from the Desktop Menu Breakpoint.


Add different menus for each device

Use menus with different menu items for each device (Desktop, Tablet and Phone).


Collapse mobile menu submenus

Prevent the mobile dropdown from expanding beyond the viewport by making its submenus collapsible.


Keep mobile parent links clickable

Choose whether to keep the collapsed submenu parent link clickable or disabled.


Mobile menu Accordion Mode

Allow only one expanded mobile submenu at a time.


Add label to mobile menu toggle

Add text to the hamburger icon. Eg. “Menu”. Can be different for the opened and closed menu.


Control label placement responsively

Choose where to place the label on different devices(Top, Right, Bottom or Left). Applicable to CTA buttons’ labels as well.


Use a Fixed Header Logo

Upload a different logo image for the Fixed header.


Upload image icons for elements

Upload custom image icons for the Search, Cart and CTA button elements. 


Two CTA Buttons available

Button One and Button Two elements. Can be used as label only, icon only or label&icon buttons (responsively).


Builder Settings

Settings for improving the header design workflow. Have effect in Divi Builder interface.


Enable Fixed Header

Make the header fixed.


Fixed Header Styling

Apply a completely different styling to the Fixed header triggered on scroll. Eg. make it shrink, change colors, etc.


Set the Fixed Header position

The Fixed Header position can be set responsively either on the viewport top or bottom or can be disabled on certain device(s).


Fixed Header content overlapping

The Fixed header can be set to either overlap or push the page content down (prevent the page content from being covered by the header).


Elements Alignment

Align elements’ horizontally.


Elements Content Alignment

Align the elements’ content both horizontally & vertically.


Dropdown Direction

Select the opening direction for the desktop submenus and the mobile dropdown menu.


Responsive ordering of the elements

Order elements differently for each device (Desktop, Tablet and Phone).


Element Column Width

Set the element’s column(container) width (auto, px, %, etc.).


Main Menu & Submenu styling

Style the main menu and the submenu separately (the menu container and the menu items both for the desktop and mobile).


Element label styling

A full set of text options is available for styling the labels of the Mobile Menu Toggle, Button One and Button Two.


Control visibility of the elements

Elements visibility can be controlled responsively.


Automatic updates

Divi MadMenu can be updated to the latest version from within the admin dashboard with a click.



A detailed documentation is provided to make it easy for you to get started using the plugin.


More features coming soon

The list of features provided here is just a fraction of what has been planned for Divi MadMenu. More great features coming soon!


Divi MadMenu comes with ready-to-use demo header layouts. Simply import the demo header, add your content(menus, icons, etc) and you’re ready to go!

To download the demos you need to buy the Divi MadMenu or become a Member.

Demo 3

Demo 5

Demo 6

Demo 7

Demo 8

Demo 9


Divi MadMenu plugin has been thoroughly documented to help you get started easily. The full documentation can be accessed here.


The Unlimited Sites License includes 1 year of support and updates and allows the product to be installed and activated on unlimited number of sites.

For more info please refer to our Terms of Agreement.

* Divi MadMenu module works with the Divi Theme Builder and cannot be used to customize the native header of Divi theme.

For customizing Divi theme’s native header please consider checking out the MMC and DMC plugins.

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